Lara Bazant



In our 40+ years in life, 20+ years in design and 10+ years in business, we've seen, done and learned a lot. We understand what's real and that's YOU. You are a human being - not just a compilation of posts. Your experiences create a resilience and an energy. Your successes, your challenges, your dreams, your daily grind. The things you stuck with and made happen. The chevron symbolizes the building blocks of life that shape your unique character. It encompasses that strength which comes with growth and the unity in overcoming obstacles together. The three tiers of the chevron represent compassion, communication and connectedness. Our designs are non-gender, non-racial, non-denominational and non-biast in every way. May you enjoy the journey. Peace.


Lara Bazant jewelry is designed and hand-crafted in our Toronto Canada studio with 100% genuine sterling silver - not plated. It is lead-free and nickel-free. Using our exclusive antiquing method, we oxidize, brush and treat precious metal in layers to create that worn-in 'ombre' effect so many of us cherish in our favorite old classics. This effect only gets better with time and prevents you having to worry about constant cleanings and special storage. We create high-quality, well-designed pieces that are built to last and suited to your every day style.

Enviro Friendly

Since 2006 our committment to treating both the environment and human beings fairly has been a top priority. Over the years this dedication has connected us to a network of like-minded social-entrepreneurs and savvy-stylists world-wide. We source our silver locally and produce only small runs of non-toxic jewelry with minimal, recyclable packaging. Apart from wholesale orders we only ship within north america to reduce our carbon footprint. Each year we select one piece of jewelry and give 50 percent of the proceeds to a local charity whose focus is on mental health. We've spent a lifetime traveling across the globe to gain a deeper understanding of culture and how it pertains to design, and strive to learn new techniques which progressively improve our designs for you.