Lara Bazant Sterling Silver Jewelry


Real Jewelry. Real People.

Our designs reflect what is real and true. You are a human being with values, talents and experiences that shape you.

The chevron reminds us to build on compassion and communication in our every day connections. We encourage you not to follow every passing fad, but  instead find what is meaningful and stylish to you. Set your own pace, and enjoy the journey.

For our 2018 collection, each set of Lara Bazant Sterling Silver Jewelry is inspired by and named after a real person we've met and known - who holds unique traits we respect and admire.

Artisan Quality

Our pieces are made by hand in our Toronto Canada studio with 100% genuine sterling silver (not plated) and 14 karat gold-fill (filled with sterling silver, and also not plated). Everything we create is lead-free and nickel-free, as we use zero base metals or jewelers brass in our designs. This proves to be a huge relief to our customers with allergic or sensitive skin. Lara Bazant only creates high-quality, well-designed pieces that are built to last and suited to your every day style.

Local & Sustainable

Since launching in 2006 our committment to fair treatment of the planet and its inhabitants has been a top priority. We source our precious metals locally and produce only small collections of non-toxic jewelry with minimal, recyclable packaging. In 2017, after ten years of creative exploration under the name Bazant Unique Adornments, we rebranded with a focus on functional design. We've traveled the globe gaining a deeper understanding of culture and craftsmanship, and we keep our eyes and minds always open - drawing a sense of adventure and joy from our local city and all its passionate souls.