Lara Bazant Sterling Silver Jewelry


The 2019/2020 SPIRIT collection represents the evolution of awakening to a higher consciousness. Each piece ships with a unique name and carefully chosen quote from the designer's favorite pieces of literature, music and film.

All of the jewelry is handmade by Lara Bazant in her Toronto studio with 100% genuine sterling silver and 14 karat gold-fill (gold casing filled with sterling silver - not plated). The collection is lead-free and contains zero base metals or jeweler's brass - providing relief to those with allergic or sensitive skin. Lara Bazant is known for creating high-quality, well-designed pieces that are built to last and suited to your every day style, as well as for her three-year stint at Artscape Distillery District studios where she taught everyone how to re-purpose their old jewelry.

Lara Bazant sources her precious metals locally and produces only small collections of non-toxic jewelry with minimal, recyclable packaging. Since launching her previous brand Bazant Unique Adornments in 2006 her commitment to fair trade and environmental awareness has been a top priority. Lara became immersed in the culture of craftsmanship during her youth while living abroad with her United Nations-employed family. These days she focuses on functional design and draws inspiration from her local city and all its passionate souls.